Melodie : Amelie - I'll Take You (O Mama E) (Vannys Remix)
   Adaugat de : toshiba
   Categorie : Club/House
   Data Adaugari : 29 Iunie 2012
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1 Yatzyy   (25 Iulie 2012 1:47 PM)
I'm with you on the whole networking at the scoohl gate, having always worked I've not been able to do the scoohl runs and now I get to do them more frequently but it's very clicky and you see the children are friends with the children of whoever their mum's are friends with but the thing that I see which is different is that Samuel hasn't got the networking thing going for him yet because he's a sociable child there's a whole group of them that are really close, it's not just one or two there's several of them. Maybe it's because they are nearly teenagers that they are coming into their own and defining their own friendships or maybe it's that you can influence their friendships at a young age but sooner rather than later they will decide for themselves. How many people do you know who are still friends with their primary scoohl friends?

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